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H-B Woodlawn

Founded in 1971, H-B Woodlawn is a public alternative secondary program in Arlington, VA. Our program is structured to support our values of trust, independent learning, and self-governance. Despite its evolution over the years, H-B Woodlawn is still defined by its incredibly driven and energetic student body. It may be the last truly democratic public school remaining in the United States.

For more information, you can visit our homepage or our Wikipedia page.

The H-B Archive

"Eclectic!" "Meticulously curated" "Absolute garbage"

Created in 2017 by Jacob Hall, the H-B Archive is an initiative to preserve different aspects of H-B Woodlawn's history over the years. Starting with scanning old documents and student handbooks, the project has expanded to digitizations of senior walls and an archive of Town Meeting minutes. Nearly everything is still under construction, and at the time of this writing Jacob is trying to get into college, but the website will continue to improve as he adds more content and features (and recruits more people!).


Rylee Neumann and Mary Katherine have both been immensely helpful getting everything together. Shout out to them!

Alumni John Ponder White ('12) and Finlay McCracken ('14) have provided their talents and previous work to help me build this project. Thank you!

Kate and Graham have both been incredibly helpful (and patient), especially when I was scanning TM minutes over the Summer.

In no particular order, Jennifer, Rebecca, Anuraag, Tom, and Carol have all provided their support for this project. Thank you so much!

Zunair Khokhar ('14) has done so much to help me along the way, and continues to provide his support to help develop every aspect of this project.

A final thanks to Ray, who's interest in this project has allowed it to grow far beyond I ever imagined.


Contact Jacob directly: email@jacobhall.net

Want to submit something? You can share it on Google Drive to the above email, or upload it to this catch-all photo album.

If you are a current student or staff member at H-B, it would be even more effective to trip Jacob as he runs by and talk to him Jacob graduated in 2018, so please reach out to them via email. It would be wonderful to collaborate with other members of this community to keep this site up-to-date.

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