"Required Reading"

The Merger Report, November 29, 1977

Assessment Report, May 2003

Our Constitution (This appears to be the latest version; it gets amended from time to time)

A Study of H-B Woodlawn: An Alternative Program 1996 thesis by Christy Mach, class of '92

An Oral History of H-B Woodlawn As Seen by Fourteen Teachers senior project by David Gibbs, class of '06

Student Handbooks:

Our Move to RosslynH-B Woodlawn in the News!Town Meeting MinutesDiplomas!

Until I bother to organize things better, this is just a dump of the documents I could find, in reverse chronological order.

"Handbook" for Parents, Teachers, and Staff, 2015-2016 school year

Farewell to Frank, a site for the organization of Frank's farewell party and scholarship, as it appeared when it shut down

Hippie High Headlines, the most recent student-run publication 2016-present

Verbum Sap Sat, the online H-B newspaper 2012-2015 (to be archived soon, seeking permission)

Robert's rules of H-B Woodlawn

A tribute to Mary McBride from May 2014

School profile, '10-'11

A letter Frank wrote on the H-B website in February 2006

Local School Profile, '06-'07

School Management Plan, '05-'06

School Management Plan Assessment, '04-'05

Town Meeting Leadership Guide, by Michael Ross, class of '04 Note 7/27/17: just found this document in the TM files, but it badly needs to be rescanned (half of the first page is cut off). I'll scan it again shortly

Application to have Stratford School building (H-B Woodlawn building) added to the National Registry

School Report, October 2001

Local School Report, '00-'01

The H-B Woodlawn Newsletter for a while, entitled "Junk Mail." All of the following are from Volume 1, Issue 1:
These documents were stolen from the old website

Verbum Sap Sat Issue, December 1997

Arlington's Fight for Educational Equality, February 15, 1996

Schedule, 1995-1996 school year

Pre-school Handbook, 1995-1996 school year

Teacher Chart, August 8, 1995

Rules for W-B Day (Undated)

On December 4, 1990, Ray Anderson published an "H-B Woodlawn Status Report," including the state of the school and a number of relevant attachments. Below is the complete report, with the attachments, as scanned on 6/8/17:

The H-B Examiner, June 1988

H-B Woodlawn Program (Undated) - My incompetence strikes again! Front and back covers are cut off. Will fix shortly!

JOE KING REVEALED, found in '80 yearbook

Poster for the first prom, June 7, 1980

Game Summary, June 7, 1979

Students Switch to Woodlawn Why? From W-L newspaper "Crossed Sabres," 1979 (needs better contrast, perhaps another scan?)

How to Write the Name of Our School, August 14, 1979

The Merger Report, November 29, 1977 - Reprinted in 1986, attachment to 1990 Status Report (see above), another version preserved as found on the website, 6/4/03

Report on the First Year of Operation, August 1972

Letter to Students, August 1972

William Kay - Statement to School Board Regarding School Facilities, March 18, 1971

Free High School Proposal Memo, March 1971

Woodlawn Elementary Handbook for Parents, 1970-1971 school year. Woodlawn Elementary was housed in the current hospice building before Woodlawn SHS began in 1971. This handbook includes a note regarding the school's last year. It's also kind of interesting to read about how an elementary school operated in 1970.