H-B Woodlawn Banners and Title Images

super rad banner found on the old HBW site
This banner was made using Flash, which no longer exists. For now you can download it here. Someday, I'll embed ruffle or something similar to once again display this banner.

Slideshow found on the old H-B Woodlawn site

Banner reading "H-B Woodlawn Program," with rainbow background
Rainbow gif found on the old(er) H-B Woodlawn website, which was also featured on Blackboard for a while

Banner drawn with red marker highlighted with blue pen, reading "H-B Woodlawn"
H-B Woodlawn banner for old hbwoodlawn.org website (circa 2000)

Banner that says "for those who went to school on Vacation Ln and friends," and then below that "HBWOODLAWN.ORG." Blue background with clouds
hbwoodlawn.org new banner