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The Class of 1997 Yearbook Video (

360 Tour of H-B:
Hosted on Google Maps, these 360 views of different rooms were taken by Jay Harris thanks to Zunair and the H-B Woodlawn Foundation This page is still under heavy construction! Please reach out if you would like to help organize this area of the site.
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Flickr - Current H-B Woodlawn photo dept. Flickr account (~2009-present)
The old Flickr account
The theatre dept. Flickr account
The "Events" Flickr account

Vimeo - Official Vimeo channel for the H-B Woodlawn film dept. and some other miscellaeneous videos

Flier for bands playing at H-B (Date unknown, from here)

The gazebo, July 2003

'98 graduation (from

The class of '96 car in cafeteria stolen from the old site

A photo of Ray

Various H-B Woodlawn title images and banners that I've found